Types Of Wrinkles: Best Guide Ever

Know Your Body: Types Of Wrinkles And How To Treat It

You can easily tell if a person is slowly aging by seeing a wrinkle on their skin. That’s why there are a lot of skin care reviews available to help us solve our skin problems. However, did you know that there are four types of wrinkles? Yes, and you should know these types for you to know the right treatment once it shows on your skin. Here are the common types of wrinkles and anti-wrinkles tips on how to treat and prevent them from your skin:

Atrophic Crinkling Rhytids

These are the fine lines we commonly see on our skin that are parallel to each other. They usually show in different parts of the face and body. However, it disappears when the skin is stretched transversally. This kind of wrinkles is usually associated with loss of elasticity on your skin. The best thing that you can do is to apply sunscreen every time you go outdoors. You can also use moisturizers that will help plump your skin temporarily and diminish the appearance of the fine lines.

Permanent Elastic Creases

These are crease lines that are visible on your skin that becomes permanent over time, especially when your skin’s exposed to the sun. They frequently show up on the cheeks, the upper lip and the base of the neck. Smoking and sun exposure makes these wrinkles worse. So, the only way to prevent this is don’t smoke and minimize sun exposure and of course, use a sunscreen.

Dynamic Expression Lines

This kind of wrinkles is caused by facial muscle movement. These are the ones we often refer to as frown or smile lines and crows feet. The only way to treat this is by Botox or other similar injectable wrinkle treatments.

Gravitational Folds

These lines are due to the effects of gravity which becomes obvious as skin begins to fold and sag. However, you may think that thicker skin may have more folds, but according to researchers, a lean face may show more gravity folds than a plumper face. For this kind of wrinkles, cosmetic surgery is needed, like face lifts, that are effective in removing these kinds of wrinkles.

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