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Have you ever heard of emotional skin? Yes, we know that we, human beings experience being emotional, and it does affect our skin. Whatever your emotion may be, it’ll certainly show in your skin. As a result, you might find yourself applying anti aging regimens at an early age, because negative emotion may make you look a little older. If your emotion isn’t directly dealt, it is possible that it’ll trigger skin disorders. Some of the skin problems that may happen are: rosacea, rashes, acne and, the more serious ones.

So, how do you do skin care for emotional skin problems? Here are some:

Skin Picking

Experts say that picking usually starts as a minor blemish, and then there goes the picking which will then result to scabbing and scarring. Then there goes guilt and regret. The best way to prevent this from happening? Keep your hands of your skin! If you can’t do it, exfoliate it with a face brush. This way, you’re not just safely smoothing your skin, but you’re also exfoliating that will definitely remove the unwanted elements from your skin. For a more psychological approach, you can pre-occupy your hands by squeezing stress toys as part of the treatment.


Experts say that embarrassment at social gatherings activates our response to release adrenaline. As a result, this one causes our face to blush. There are a number of solutions to help solve this. One of the best ways is to take a beta blocker beforehand that will help by stopping some of the adrenaline.  You can do this once in a while, when your skin only turns red at a specific time.


Persistent redness and uncontrollable flushing are signs of rosacea. This can be triggered by spice foods, red wine, temperature changes, but it is often triggered by stress. The rush of blood from whatever triggers it brings in inflammatory chemicals and bacteria which feed the acne-like bumps that often is associated with rosacea. The best solution is to manage stress and avoiding other things that triggers it.


When you’re stressed-out, your stress hormones boost oil production that will lead to clogged pores. The solution is to find ways to de-stress yourself. Anything that will help you reduce your stress will help in having less acne.  You can also use over-the-counter spot treatment containing pore-clearing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

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